bringing it all together

It's comforting to know that even when you're away at work, on the road or at a weekend getaway, you still have complete control of the security and comforts that await your arrival home — from welcoming exterior and interior lights to your favorite jazz music lingering in each room.

Control systems from Crestron, Savant or RTi combine advanced technology with user-friendly functions that cover all your communication needs, including activation and monitoring of the heating, air conditioning and ventilation of your home. Plus, you can enjoy additional luxuries such as having a hot tub ready at a designated time, warming a pool for a relaxing swim or filling a bathtub while checking the mail or phone message.

The entire system is tailored to operate from a single touchscreen programmed to control not only your entire home entertainment system but other key functions as well, including lighting, window treatments, front gate security and more.